Accounts Receivable

Income is the most important part of your business. BIOS Accounts Receivable modules help you to streamline the process of managing your income. It helps to identify credit and collections issues in advance with the information garnered from the system, and take pre-emptive measures against them.

Features Highlight

  • Complete Range of Transactions

    The BIOS Accounts Receivable modules provide a complete range of transactions, including invoices, debit notes and credit notes for all your receivables needs. All transactions come with official

  • Inter-Company Transactions

    BIOS Accounts Receivable module have a built-in function to perform inter-company billing between companies within your organization. The function is pre-integrated with the Accounts Payable module, and transactions created will automatically be reflected in the other company's accounts.

  • Online Enquiries

    Online enquiries provide you with instant access to updated information that is need to help you make day-to-day business decisions.

  • Comprehensive Set of Reports

    Official documents like statement of accounts, invoices, and credit notes etc. are provided. Additional reports like aging reports and transaction listings help to increase efficiency of your operations.