Cash Book

To provide a complete picture of the cash flow for your business, the BIOS Cashbook modules serve as the link between the cash inflow and outflow of your business processes. You will be able to manage your cash flow more effectively with the information garnered from the Cashbook modules.

Features Highlight

  • Cash Receipts and Payments

    For non-accrual income and expenses, you are able to manage them through the BIOS Cashbook modules.

  • Bank / Fund Position Reconciliation

    To help you manage your bank and fund positions more effectively, the BIOS Cashbook modules come with reconciliation functionality to reconcile the cashbook position against the bank and fund positions. Reports can be generated for easy identification of any differences.

  • Fund Transfers

    Transferring of funds between banks, even between banks of different companies is easily achieved with the fund transfer functions in the BIOS Cashbook modules. Even transfers between banks that are of different currencies can be done effortlessly.

  • Bounced Cheques Processing

    Processing of bounced cheques is as simple as a mouse-click in BIOS. The BIOS Cashbook modules automatically perform the necessary adjustments to the transaction and update the accruals.

  • Auto-Cheque Printing

    Printing of cheques is automated in the BIOS Cashbook modules. Cheques can be printed automatically from the system for any payment that is made through the system.