General Ledger

The BIOS General Ledger modules integrate all the information from the other BIOS solutions into a complete financial picture for your organization. Complex processes like consolidation and budgeting are provided to cater for all your business needs. Online balance enquiries provide instant financial information at your fingertips.

Features Highlight

  • Flexible Account Analysis Structure

    Analysis of financial information can be done at multiple levels. Account codes, cost profit center codes, as well as analysis codes enable you to break down your analysis through companies, business units, or any other groupings that you require.

  • Inter-Company Transactions

    Allocating expenses to your subsidiary company? BIOS general ledger modules allow you to do so without the need to create multiple journals in different companies, as it automatically creates the necessary journals required in other companies on your behalf.

  • Consolidation of Financial Information

    Access the entire financial situation of your organization by performing consolidation with the functions provided by the BIOS General Ledger modules. You will have access to the consolidated information online, anytime you need it.

  • Seamless Integration with other BIOS Solutions

    BIOS General Ledger modules are seamlessly integrated with the rest of the BIOS solutions, allowing you to see the originating transactions from other BIOS solutions while performing online balance enquiries or reporting.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    BIOS General Ledger modules provide reports like trial balance, general ledger, as well as other reports that reinforce internal control policies and detect any inconsistencies in the data.