AIB 60

Illuminated Barrier Arm

Intelli Barrier

Red and Green Arrow for clearer visual warning

The AIB60 series of barrier system uses a proven highly reliable electric motor with an extremely smooth drive solution. It extremely easy and hassle-free to install, operate and maintenance-free. It also incorporates safety features such as "wave pressure" devices when the barrier arm knocked on vehicle, auto lift when down movement is obstructed. It also comes with optional a LED warning lighting when auto lift up or down.

The barrier is driven by a motor mounted on a central case aluminum support. This support also contains the bearings for the drive shaft, the gear box and the mounting for the counterbalance springs. This integrated design of motor and decelerator avoid pulley drives, low noise and maintenance free, and the unique four-level design guarantee the barrier arm operate smoothly and stably

Illuminated Barrier Ar
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