Visitor Management System

In many environments, visitors are still asked to enter their information in a paper log book. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides little security and leaves visitor information available for anyone to see. Our Visitor Management software allow organizations to automate the entire process of registering a visitor and capturing detailed information in seconds by simply electronically scanning an ID through our Dual Side Scanner with OCR function.


  • Fast scanning of IC - approximately 2 ~ 4 seconds
  • Easy retrieval with search, filter and statistical reports functions.
  • Filtering by name, date/time of visit, host, department, company, purposes of visits etc.
  • The graphical user interface is pretty intuitive and it is extremely easy to use.
  • The software can be self-installed easy on any up-to-date desktop or laptop PCs
  • Depending on the security rights that are assigned to the users, different login IDs have different levels of access to the modules within the system.
  • A "low level" login only allows a user to access the more commonly-used functions of the software.
  • This system also helps the operator to capture the IC information into database, Scanning IC will help to collect the visitor’s information for the first time. Whenever the visitor visit next time, by just flashing the IC using the Barcode scanner, the image of the person will be displayed in the operation tab.
  • Barcode Scanner - Allows visitors' IC, driver's license or worker's permit with barcode to be scanned to registered visitor's identity. Also allow tracking of issuance of visitor passes.
  • Photographic Scanner - Allow photograph of visitors to be captured and particulars of visitors to be registered automatically with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability
  • Barcode Printer - Allows name tag with barcode or ID sticker be printed. Queue number ticket can also be printed (Queue software module required).
  • Vehicle Access Control System - Can be integrated with Electronic Parking System
  • Turnstiles system - Can be integrated with various human traffic access control system