EPS Access Control System

Private or residential buildings often wish to restrict unauthorized vehicles from entering into their premises. Hence, with the combination of the ERP-like technology and automatic barrier system, a new system which suits this purpose is created.

Only authorized vehicle can enter into the carpark. The EPS antenna will capture the IU number of the vehicle, and would verify with the database. Once a match has found in the database, the barrier will open automatically. If an unauthorized vehicle drives into the lane, the barrier shall not be open.

This serve as the first layer of security for any security personnel to identify the vehicle to proceed with their manual scanning and screening on the vehicle and driver before allowing them to enter the premise.

The EPS Vehicle Access Control System is able to integrate with our Visitor Management System which gives the Building Owner a detail record of all visitors entering the premise, this helps to keep track of the visitor entering the premise and to trace the visitor during the outbreak of contagious disease like SARS.